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The majority of Black Friday deals for SEO tools are now available so that you can take advantage of them. You’ll find some of the best SEO tools alongside their pricing, discounts, and deals.

NameDetailsDeal Page
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35% off on SEMrush PRO subscription Badge Text

  • 35% off on SEMrush PRO subscription
  • 35% off on Agency Growth KitFull Access to the Content Marketing Platform
  • 35% discount on adding 1 additional user
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 20% Instant Discount

20% Instant Discount

  • 10% off on 6 months subscription (+ 1 month for free)
  • 20% off on 12 months subscription (+ 2 months for free)
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30% Instant Discount

30% Instant Discount

  • Optimum Plan $260.40 per year instead of $372
  • Plus Plan $596.40 instead of $852
  • Enterprise Plan $1268.40 instead of $1812
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40% Off with Annual Plans

40% Off with Annual Plans

  • Basic (costs $358 per year)
  • Premium (costs $478 per year)
  • Agency (costs $958 per year)
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90% for 3 Months+35% Lifetime Discount

90% for 3 Months+35% Lifetime Discount

  • 90% off for 3 months + 35% lifetime discount
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50% off on ALL LongTailPro Annual plans!

  • Starter Plan 50% Off: $148.5 (regularly $297 per year)
  • An annual Power Pro plan for $347 (regularly $694)
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SEO Tools Black Friday Deals Details 2021

SEO Tools Black Friday Deals

1. Semrush Black Friday Deals: 2 Limited Deals

Over 6 million people use Semrush each month. With it, you can perform almost every SEO task, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink research, site audits, position tracking, and so on?

What’s the offer?

On this black Friday, Semrush offers two limited-time offers. Here are the details.

Deal #1: Semrush PRO + 50% Off Additional User

If you’re interested in a HUGE discount on the Semrush PRO subscription, then this offer is for you. You can get a 50% discount on adding an additional user.

Deal Dates: 25th November to 12th December 2020

Deal #2: 35% Off on the Semrush Bundle for Agencies Semrush PRO + Agency Growth Kit + Additional User

It’s an excellent offer for most agencies. At this HUGE discount, you’ll get the following things:

  • Save 35% on Semrush PRO subscriptions
  • Discount of 35% on Agency Growth KitAccess to Content Marketing Platform
  • you can add an additional user at a discount of 35%

Deal Dates: 27th November to 10th December 2020

Regular Pricing:

Semrush offers three pricing options. They are outlined below.

  • The monthly price for Pro starts at $119.95
  • A Guru subscription starts at $229.95 per month
  • Business starts at $449.95 monthly

How can you take advantage of the SEMrush Black Friday offer?

2. Serpstat Black Friday Sale: 20% Instant Discount

You can use Serpstat to manage SEO, PPC, and content marketing from one place. It sounds like a marketing tool, but it is also an SEO tool. You can perform every type of research from keyword research, backlink analysis, rank tracking, and site auditing.

What’s the offer?

You can take advantage of the following two deals during this Black Friday week.

  • Save 10% on 6 months of subscription (+ 1 month free)
  • Get 20% off your 12-month subscription (+ 2 months for free)

This offer is valid from 27th to 30th November.

Regular Pricing:

Serpstat offers four regular pricing options.

Lite plan

For $69 per month, you get 4,000 queries per day, 10,000 results per report, and 15,000 tracked keywords.

The standard Plan 

With this Plan, you receive 5,000 queries a day, 30,000 results a day, access to API, 60,000 tracked keywords, and premium package features.

Advanced Plan 

You can perform 8,000 queries per day, receive 50,000 results per report, and track 150,000 keywords for $299 per month.

Enterprise plan

You can do 12,000 queries each day, get 75,000 results per report, and track 300,000 keywords for $499 per month.

Serpstat pricing during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

During the Black Friday week (27th-30th Nov), Serpstat offers the following deals on its products.

  • Save 10% on 6 months of subscription (+ 1 month free)
  • Take 20% off on 12 months of subscription (+ 2 months free)

How to take advantage of Serpstat’s Black Friday deal?

Get a 20% discount on all Serpstat plans by clicking here.

3. SERanking Black Friday Deal: 30% Instant Discount [Use Promo BLACKFRIDAY2020]

Whether you need to perform website audits, keyword research, or rank tracking, SE Ranking can handle it for you.

SE Ranking is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable SEO toolkit for performing various SEO tasks. It comes with a fantastic list of tools, such as;

  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Website Audit
  • Backlink Monitoring
  • On-Page Checker
  • Marketing Plan
  • Keyword Grouper
  • Keyword Research and Suggestion Tool
  • SEO/PPC Competitor Research
  • Backlink Checker
  • B2B Features
  • Lead Generator
  • SEO Reporting Tools
  • Page Changes Monitoring and many more

What’s the offer?

You can take advantage of an instant 30% discount on all the SE Ranking pricing plans through the offer that is already live and will expire on 2nd December 2020.

Use promo code “BLACKFRIDAY2020” to get a 30% discount on any purchase.

Regular Pricing:

SE Ranking offers the following pricing plans.

  1. Optimum Plan (annual cost $372)
  2. Plan Plus (annual cost of $852)
  3. Plan Enterprise (costs $1812 annually)

Cyber Monday and Black Friday pricing for SERanking

During Black Friday, you can get SE Ranking at discounted rates.

  1. Optimum Plan costs you $260.40 per year instead of $372
  2. Plus Plan costs you $596.40 instead of $852
  3. Enterprise Plan costs you $1268.40 instead of $1812

During this black Friday season, you’ll find a 30% discount on all of the above plans.

How can you take advantage of SE Ranking’s Black Friday promotion?

You can get 30% off on any purchase at SE Ranking by clicking here for a limited time.

4. Mangools Tools Black Friday Sale: 40% Off With Annual Plans

Mangools tools come with FIVE fantastic SEO tools.

  1. KWFinder (used for Keyword Research)
  2. SERPChecker (used for SERP Analysis)
  3. SERPWatcher (used for Rank Tracking)
  4. LinkMiner (used for Backlink Analysis)
  5. SiteProfiler (used for SEO metrics & Insights)

Mangools tools can be used for keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, etc.

What’s the offer?

You can get a 40% discount on all Mangools tools annual plans during this Black Friday week.

Regular Pricing:

Mangool tools offer three pricing plans.

  1. Basic (costs $358 annually)
  2. Premium (costs $478 annually)
  3. Agency (costs $958 annually)

Mangools tools pricing during Black Friday

Here’s the pricing of Mangools tools during the sale.

Using their annual subscriptions gives you a 40% instant discount on every Plan.

How to grab Mangools tools black Friday deal?

Take advantage of this limited-time offer to get 40% off Mangool’s tools by clicking here.

5. RankWatch Black Friday Deals

As its name suggests, RankWatch helps you keep track of your ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, and so on.

What’s the offer?

With this black Friday offer, RankWatch will give you a 90 percent discount on the first 3-months Plan and a 35 percent discount after that for life.

Regular Pricing:

There are three price options for RankWatch;

  • Small costs $297 for three months
  • For three months, Medium costs $747
  • The large Plan costs $1347 for three months

Rank Watch pricing during Black Friday

Here is RankWatch’s black Friday week pricing chart.

You can get a 90% discount for the first three months (and 35% after that for life) on all of their plans.

How to grab a RankWatch Black Friday deal?

Get 90 percent off for a limited time on all RankWatch plans by clicking here.

6. Long Tail Pro Black Friday Offer: 50% OFF

Long Tail Pro is the #1 tool for finding long-tail keywords. The tool is widely used by experts such as Pat Flynn for long-tail keyword research. 

The Long Tail Pro tool allows you to generate over 800 keywords based on Google keyword tool data.

The tool is perfect for finding untapped keywords that can boost your organic traffic and sales.

What’s the offer?

You can get a 50% discount on Long Tail Pro with all annual plans during black Friday week (23rd to 30th November).

The deal details are as follows:

  • Starter Plan 50% Off: $148.5 (regularly $297 per year)
  • Power Pro Plan: 50% off: $347 (normally $694)

Regular Pricing:

The following are Long Tail Pro’s regular plans.

  1. Annual Starter Plan (costs you $297 per year)
  2. Annual Power Pro Plan (costs you $537 per year)

Discounts on Long Tail Pro during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

You can get their plans at 50% off during Black Friday. See below.

  • Starter Plan 50% Off: $148.5 (regularly $297 per year)
  • An annual Power Pro plan for $347 (regularly $694)

Here are the NEW features and Limits:

Keyword Research:

  • 5500 keyword searches per day
  • 5500 KC calculations per day
  • 5500 SERP lookups per day
  • NEW Access to the Keyword grouping feature

Rank Tracker:

  • Email reports for Rank Tracker are now available
  • Tracked keywords: 400
  • Tracked Domains: Unlimited
  • Rank Updates: Daily

Backlink Analysis:

  • 10,000 Backlink rows per 24 hours
  • Account management
  • Simultaneous logins: 2

How can I take advantage of Long Tail Pro’s Black Friday deal?

Black Friday week is the perfect time to grab 50% off the Long Tail Pro annual subscription. Click here to save 50%

Final Thoughts on SEO Tools Black Friday Offers

In the United States, Black Friday is solely a shopping day. That’s why you get HUGE discounts on these SEO tools.

So check out the SEO tools black Friday offers above and get up to 90% off.

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