Schema Pro Black Friday 2022 Sale (COming Soon)- Get 30% Discount

The most awaited sale of the Schema Pro Black Friday 2022 is here, It is the right time to go with Schema Pro since it is offering a discount of up to 30% OFF for all plans.

Schema Pro is a popular and reliable WordPress plugin that helps bloggers and marketers to make schema markups of different types that can be easily caught by Google or other search engines.

This consequently results in ranking their post, service, business, products, and a lot more on top of the search results.

Let’s us go into the article to know more about the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale of Schema Pro.

Schema Pro Details[Features and Black Friday Offer]:

schema pro black fridy and cyber monday deal 2020

Schema Pro comes with two different plans, one of them is the Schema Pro plan while the other is the Schema Agency Bundle plan.

Now, it is totally depends upon you with which plan you like to go(Plans that suits your requirement and budget).

During the Schema Pro Black Friday Deal, you can grab any of it plans upto 30% OFF discount.

schema pro black friday pricing

Schema Pro (1 Year License) :

  • Display Rules Freedom
  • Supports all advanced schema types
  • Article guidelines appliance
  • 100% compatible with ACF
  • Live schema testing
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Updates & Support for 1 Year
  • 20% Renewal Discount

Schema Pro (Lifetime License) :

  • Supports all advanced schema types
  • Article guidelines appliance
  • 100% compatible with ACF
  • Live schema testing
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Updates & Support for Lifetime
  • One time payment
  • Display Rules Freedom

Brainstormforce Plugins Agency Bundle (1 Year License) :

Brainstormforce Plugins Agency Bundle (Lifetime License) :

It has been clear to you that What will you get with different plans of Schema Pro. Let’s talk about the pricing range for each of the plans during this Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal,

To make it easier for you to understand How much while you save during this sale, I have mentioned both Regular and Black Friday Offer pricing separately along with their plan in the given below table:

PlansRegular PriceBlack Friday  Offer Sale PricePre-Applied Coupon
Schema Pro (1 Year License) $99$69.30ACTIVATE NOW
Schema Pro (Lifetime License) $399$279.30ACTIVATE NOW
Brainstormforce Plugins Agency Bundle (1 Year License)$249$174.30ACTIVATE NOW
Brainstormforce Plugins Agency Bundle (Lifetime License) :$699$489.30ACTIVATE NOW

How To Activate Schema Pro Black Friday Offer? 

Schema Pro Black Friday Sale

Here is the full step by step guide which makes even easier for you to grab Schema Pro Black Friday Offer:

Step 1: Click on this unique link to go to the offer page of Schema Pro Black Friday Cyber Monday.

schema pro home page

Step 2: Select your preferable plan that suits your budget and needs.

Step 3: Fill the credential details such as credit card details and personal details.

Step 4: Recheck your given information.

Step 5: That’s all you have successfully grab a great deal of the years.

Let’s have a look at the Types Of Schema Supported by the plugin,

What Are The Types Of Schema Supported? (Schema Pro WordPress Plugin):

schema pro cyber monday sale

Shema Markups are a crucial factor to rank on Google or other search engines by throwing back your competitors on organic listings.

Moreover, it also enhances the reliability of your website.

Here, are some types of Schema that this plugin supports,

Local Business:

Local Business schema markups support health clinics, home repair, restaurants, grocery stores, and a lot of local business types to gain more traffic on google search engine by exploring on it max.


Service Shema markup helps several serve provider to surpass their competitors and gain more engagement and traffic from search engine.


If you are an eCommerce site owner then, product schema markups will support product-based companies, eCommerce websites, etc. 

It ranks your product on the google search. So, it can be seen easily catch by the buyer. Hence, it generates a higher Conversion rate and CTR.


Book schema markups are beneficial for book publishers, booksellers, and book authors. 

It places an attractive and smart preview of your book on the search engine like Google, Bing, etc., so it can be instantly seen without visiting your page. It helps in surpass your competitors in a short period.


Article schema markups are supported for news websites and blogs. This cause a featured snippet on the top page of search engine which helps in getting significant traffic from search engine.


Recipe schema markups are valuable for food chefs, bloggers, and recipe websites. 

It creates an appealing preview of your recipe on the google search engines which can enhance traffic to your website.

Software Application:

Schema markups for software applications are very crucial things. Currently, the software industry is very competitive. 

Schema markup helps in outrank your competitors. It helps Software download providers, development companies and publishers.


Review schema markup is beneficial for service providers, local businesses, product companies, anyone who wants to present their reviews. 

It can rank your review as a featured snippet on top of the engine result page.

Job Posting:

Job posting snippet for schema markup can rank your job postings instantly on the google search for any organization or business who has a job vacancy.


Event scheme markup snippet is very supported for any business, event planners, who wish to carry out an event, and a lot more.


Course schema markup is helpful for seminar organizers, workshop organizers, online course providers, and career companies.

schema pro home page

Q. Does Schema Markup help in SEO?

Yes, Shema markup can help in SEO by transmitting the exact information to the search engines about your the content and your web page.

Eventually, it directly affects your SERP ranking and appearance too.

Q. How To Get Rich Snippet?

Schema Pro can make it easy for you to get rich snippets. Just install and activate the plugins to get the option for rich snippets below your website’s article.

Q. When will the Schema Pro Black Friday Sale Will Be Live And End?

This sale will live form 25th November 2022 and end on 4th December. Be ready; don’t miss this opportunity to grab this plugin at a very low price.

Final Verdict

Schema is one of the main factors that can outrank your site than your competitor on search engines, and that’s why it is becoming very important to add schema markup to your blog or news day-by-day.

Schema Pro is a way to make this work very handy for you, and during this sale, you can Grab the Schema Pro plan at a very affordable pricing range.

Although, I have summarized whole Black Friday Offer regarding this plugin in this blog post.

However, if you have still any doubts about this Offer, then don’t forget to ping me in the comment section of this article.

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